Thursday, October 9, 2008

~Welcome Welcome~

Hi girls!!! First I would like to WELCOME you all to this newly build blog. For sure, first thing that come out from your mind will be -> what is the purpose of creating this blog?
Hm...Here comes the story.....This few days, I tried to search our school through internet by typing SMK Puterijaya and found that there are not actually many ways to let Puterians get connected to each other. Thus, I come out with an idea to create this blog which will update us with various news eg: XXX get married, YYY graduate or any announcement to organize a gathering for our lovely Puterians.
In order to make the connection circle get bigger and bigger, I sincerely ask for your help to promote this blog to every Puterians that you know regardless which year they graduated.

Thanks alot.

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